Those that talk…


Those that talk down to you are just trying to walk tall by making you feel small. Rise above. — Unknown


The worst feeling

On an emotional day last summer Deep realized that the worst feeling is when you feel every good thing that happened to you was just due to luck and how you ignored yourself and just followed all what was taught to or imposed on you which all eventually proved wrong and at the end you were the only one to deal with the consequences and still you are not sure whether you should thank your luck or hate the ones whom you thought to be yours.

humans and deficit : Bea and Deep

and then there were days when Deep became so frustrated of Bea that he even posted.

Lesson learnt well:

If you bank on humans, only thing you are going to gain is deficit.

13 July 2013


13 July 2013
Weartard: A word I started using too often recently (or I invented) meaning “Very Retard”. 
You may say being a nerd is something wrong but I feel being a weartard is the worst thing to happen to anybody because only thing you happen to have inside you is your ego and unluckily so many ppl out there are weartards and they don’t even bother to check upon themselves.

Blog Structure Completed? and jumping from 220+ visitors to 300+ in a single day

While walking to Blogging was such a relief initially but looks like I have been able to achieve a working standard structure for the blog after spending around 18 days. Gosh is blogging going to take so much time but the satisfaction is seeing getting enough visitors and jumping from 220+ visitors to 300+ in a single day which was yesterday , 77 visitors, best day so far . Ta da: )

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