Ni Hao/Vue: Bea and Deep’s First Conversation


I have landed home just yesterday and had been thinking of her only but could not get time to call her till my birthday which you guessed it right was today. Logged on to facebook and asked her for number. Called her for the first time and heard her HELLO (Ni Hao/ Vue in Chinese).

A bit mature voice however full of enthusiasm not rhythmic with the tone of  voice and the first conversation we had was about friends. Gosh, when will these Indians grow up and stop showing their thousands of friends and how the friends are so important for their lives and then how some friends are family for her which I might agree with and then how she didn’t not like flights and how she felt when on altitudes. Anyways things have started hitting off including that we might have possibilities for conversations and the possibility for me to understand her.

I never thought why’d I like her, was it because she looked a bitch from my past but why’d my heart jumped for her and it’s a story of our on and off times with each other which lasted years.

Okay, coming to her, she was quite beautiful and fashionable too, an interesting persona, a metro girl . I saw her first through a social media tool and asked for communication which I didn’t get even after four days of waiting and then had to force her for communication through a back channel and then there was no turning back at least till few phone calls.

Bea, yeah that was her name.