Celebs with no General knowledge

Not long ago a 25+ something guy on MTV roadies had no idea about the prime minister of the country and told Rajiv Gandhi to be PM of India who definitely was PM in his childhood

and yesterday it happened to Alia Bhatt who could not tell the full name of the party BJP, what is the Independence Day called in Hindi and who is the chairperson of the congress party.


Review: Fame – Flashy Film

Fame (2009)

Verdict : Flashy Movie, 3 Stars 

today after so many days, today I watched a movie (Fame (2009)) and I must say though this movie does not meet the original version of 1980 nor does bring any new contents or slapstick performances but kind of makes you glued to your seat until the students reach their junior year. Fame kind of reminds one of their undergraduate years and the fact that even a movie can be made about some interesting school years. Though this film never goes into any details and rather places a collage of the various things that we have already seen at various places and the only people this movie will perfectly fit to are the ones who have almost no knowledge of dance, acting or movies.