Flashy Film Review: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Hey you wonderful guys and girls out there, I guess, you are doing okay and so today I am back with a movie that I guess I can never forget in my lifetime, a movie that is a masterpiece when it comes to relationships, a movie that introduced me to the world of movies, a movie that made me realized that even movies can be too close to life. I guess if you’re familiar with bollywood or Indian movies, you have definitely not skipped this movie.

Its story of 6 or 7 individuals who grow up in different circumstances and have totally different approaches towards life and whatever the way you call it are in wrong relationships and the movie depicts how circumstances make them meet and understand each other and prompts them to break the marriages they have lived for whole life.

Coming to technical points, acting is just better than average, don’t expect even the greatest bollywood standards but still the story and events and the depth of relationships make it a kinda must watch movie. Songs are decent and again real life kind of and briefly it touches the issues of parenting as well.

Verdict: 4.5 Stars and Flashy Movie Batch. ( 1 star extra for personal connections to this movie).

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Flashy Film

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Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?  Being in a toxic relationship does more harm to a person than anything else I can think of.  The effects of the abuse last long after you leave the relationship, and hopefully, if you’ve been in one of these relationships, you did leave.

The most disturbing type of abusive relationship is the emotionally controlling relationship.  Not to say that a physically abusive relationship isn’t horrible, but it is harder to recognize a bad relationship when there is no physical abuse going on.

There are several signs that indicate you are in an abusive relationship.

The top 10 signs are:

1.  Out of control outbursts.  The partner who seems to lose their cool when in a conflicting situation, but only with you.  In front of friends, family and co-workers, they can stay even-keeled in a stressful moment, but in front of you, they can’t seem to control their emotions.  The intensity of their anger is much greater than the situation would call for which makes the entire episode that much more confusing.

2.  The persuasive talker.  The partner is a skilled manipulator who can persuade you to see things in a manner that seems completely wrong deep down.  They may get you to believe that you are lucky to have them in your life.  How would you navigate through so many difficult moments without them?  Basically, they convince you that you can’t get through life without their support.

3.  The blame game.  You will find that when things are going wrong for your partner, it is never their fault, it is always your fault.  They will twist circumstances to make you the reason why they didn’t get a raise or lost a friend.  An example would be that you complained to your partner about their long hours at work and that is why they didn’t get the promotion.

4.  Pointing out faults.  If you do something that they see as wrong, even the most minor of issues, you will hear rage, blame and it never seems to end.  Let’s say you left a plate on a table.  You forgot to put it in the dishwasher.  For months you will hear about that one plate and how you live in filth or can’t take care of the most minor responsibilities.  Everything is exaggerated.  If you were to point out an issue your partner has, good luck getting something to change.  Your partner will most likely sulk and walk away, or turn the tables and point out all of your faults.

5.  Domination.  Your partner will try to control you at every turn.  That is until you get brave enough to think about leaving.  All of a sudden, the dominance is gone and you are left with a submissive partner.  Asking for forgiveness, saying how wonderful you are and begging for you to stay.  Once you fall for the act, you are right back to a partner who takes complete charge again.  This time around it will most likely be worse because they will remind you that you didn’t care enough and were going to leave them.

6.  Control and isolation.  An abusive partner will slowly control your movements until they isolate you from friends, family and co-workers.  Other people are a threat to your partner who sees those people as being able to convince you to leave the toxic relationship.  The partner will find reasons for you not to see others.  You will hear that they wish you wouldn’t see them because they don’t treat you well or they don’t like your partner.    On the other hand, they will get close to any person they feel they can manipulate.  This gives them additional reinforcement so that if you question bad behavior and talk about it with a friend, they are more likely to take your partners side saying, they could never see them acting a certain way, they obviously love you and maybe you just misunderstood them.

Watch out for the partner who will act submissive around their friends and family when you are present.  They will complain that you do the things that they are doing to you.  This is done quietly behind your back and you are left wondering why people are acting strange around you.  It is their attempt to get more people on their side and against you.  The goal is to make you feel as though no one likes you but your partner and that you are lucky to have them because you are a horrible person.

7.  Verbal put downs.  Name calling and pointing out flaws or weaknesses is not something that is done in a healthy relationship.  Another way a partner will take over is by putting themself down to take whatever is being brought up off of them and instead try to make you feel bad for the fact that they are supposedly feeling bad for themself.

8.  Lying.  You will catch your partner in the dumbest lies.  After awhile, you will no longer know what is real and what isn’t because everything is lied about no matter if it makes sense to lie or not.

9.  Jealousy.  Good relationships, success at work, looking nice in an outfit are all met with jealousy.  You might be put down for an outfit you wear as being to revealing, not flattering or questioned about why you are trying to look so nice.  Jealousy comes up whenever you seem to be doing well and are happy.  Comparison’s are always made in the abuser’s mind and no matter how much you keep things quiet, your good moments are tallied and the abuser becomes jealous that you might have more going on than they do so they knock you down.

10.  Physical abuse.  Shoving, spitting, hitting, grabbing, restraining, basically anything that draws fear in you because of a physical action is a red flag that you need to get out of a relationship.  There is no such thing as someone losing control once without it coming up sometime down the road again.

If you are brave enough to leave a toxic relationship, and I hope you are, make sure you have a plan in place.  If you feel isolated, there are several community hotlines that can help you take the next step.

I was in an abusive relationship.  It wasn’t until I was pushed to the ground and spit on with a baby in my arms that I finally grew enough courage to leave.  I called a local hotline to find out how I could safely get myself and kids out of an increasingly dangerous situation.

I was terrified to call because my phone records were being reviewed daily and the numbers I dialed were being questioned.  When I knew it was time to leave, I had become completely isolated from friends and was in a bad place with my own family.  I felt that I had no one who could help.  The place I called was Haven which is a local domestic violence help center in Oakland County, Michigan.  They walked me through scenarios and gave me advice on how to take care of myself and my kids.  It was the best thing I could have done.

My ordeal wasn’t easy and I was scared.  There was a restraining order, a lot of police involvement and weekly meetings with other mothers who had been in abusive relationships and left.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you need to know that there are people who can help.  You are worth so much more than what you are dealing with.  There are people out there who will see all the good in you and love you for who you are.

Source: http://www.searchingforthehappiness.com/10-signs-abusive-relationship/

Angie Offers Sugar to Deep : Root & Map

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Angie Offers Sugary Tea


Don’t want to mention any dates though I hardly forget one, have just taken off all her clothes and yes you guessed it right, mine too and started wrapping rubber onto my thing which she didn’t approve of and in this discussion got discharged outside her spot. Well, time passed and with some more attempts discharges were at proper time and place and everything just fell in place including my life and needless to say we stopped using rubber too.

Well, its not a soft porn as you might be thinking but how she helped in opening my life and unwrapping the rubbers in which my life was trapped for years.

I guess you need names now but I am never good with names as I am not even sure what my name is but I liked one so let you call me Deep and I am a Pakistani Hindu and she, of course don’t know her name as well, will think and let you know as the story progresses.

She was from Southeast Asia , met me in my masters and her name was Angie. That was the first time I heard this name, well you don’t want to know but the second and only Angie I know is a popular Singaporean DJ/ Model of Vietnamese descent and for sure you got it right is quite popular among guys and now whether you’re a guy or not but I hope you know well why second Angie is so popular.

Well well well, My Angie was no model but she was so much different than traditional girls, was capable of having hours long discussions on any topic and so you’re sure that she won’t bore you. The problem I had with many of the girls in my life was their inability to contain me. I used to be quite attracted to them in the starting but that’s the thing about interest that it runs towards zero even faster than a negative exponential function and with Angie or Angela, as I used to call her Angela often too, maybe because she was like an Angel to my life, I could never get bored of.

Each and every moment with her was so precious so why not to take you to the first moment with her. I was finding a discussion forum interesting those days partially due to boredom and mainly due to the fact that I used to miss my Pakistani food and we used to discuss in this forum while eating. The forum had a kind of rule that you can discuss only if you have food in your plate.

Okay, it was afternoon and it was some kind of rice based mixed crap in my plate, when I was attacked by a female voice, “Hey you”,  I ignored and tried to show that I can give some concentration to even a female voice while eating,  I mean if you have to choose between an unkown female and food, isn’t the choice too easy, I mean who will give a damn to the unknown female and a basic polite smile and saying hi is more than enough, isn’t.

“What do you think about  Che?” She uttered. Literally can’t you see, I am eating, Che is dead and it doesn’t matter what I think of him even though in reality I admire him a lot but that’s not the kind of discussion I would like to have with a girl. I mean, literally, first I need to take a  X-ray of her. Anyways X-ray was not available so I replied that I consider Che to be a real solid person and maybe even one of the best people ever in politics and that hit her off. She introduced herself and I thought okay maybe time to score a new girl.

This was excerpt of the series from the story wrapped-in-rubber while the hyperlinks and images on the top of this post  redirects you to the page where I am trying to keep some tracks of Angie’s and  Deep’s love. Alternatively if you want to navigate the series as soon as it updates or rather if you like the snippets below,  please find it all under the category Category Archives: Elegant Angie.

Some snippets from the story are here for quick viewing:

Deep Proposes to Angie

I remember how many times, I fought with you and said the day I will get my girl, I am gonna leave you immediately and now after meeting my girl at least thrice, my reaction every time was only that I had to end with them asap. I never told us that I love you rather I never even thought about it and I still do not want to think about it but I just want to thank you from every corner of my heart for being with me and guiding me all the times. I don’t know if goddess exists or not but I know if she does she can’t be better than you. I just wonder when, how or will ever I tell you this?


Bea are you a slut? : Root & Map

Bea are you a slut?

Greek-Persian_duel BC 5th Century BC

Fuck you Bea, Don’t you ever feel like a whore? Deep said in a moment of anguish.

The hyperlink on the top of this post  redirects you to the page where I am trying to keep some tracks of Bea’s and  Deep’s skirmishes. Alternatively if you want to navigate the series as soon as it updates or rather if you like the snippets below,  please find it all under the category Bea’s Smirks.

Some snippets from the story are here for quick viewing:

Bea and Deep’s First Conversation

I have landed home just yesterday and had been thinking of her only but could not get time to call her till my birthday which you guessed it right was today. Logged on to facebook and asked her for number. Called her for the first time and heard her HELLO (Ni Hao/ Vue in Chinese). A bit mature voice however full of enthusiasm not rhythmic with the tone of  voice and the first conversation we had was about friends. Gosh, when will these Indians grow up and stop showing their thousands of friends and how the friends are so important for their lives and then how some friends are family for her which I might agree with and then how she didn’t not like flights and how she felt when on altitudes. Anyways things have started hitting off including that we might have possibilities for conversations and the possibility for me to understand her. I never thought why’d I like her, was it because she looked a bitch from my past but why’d my heart jumped for her and it’s a story of our on and off times with each other which lasted years. Okay, coming to her, she was quite beautiful and fashionable too, an interesting persona, a metro girl . I saw her first through a social media tool and asked for communication which I didn’t get even after four days of waiting and then had to force her for communication through a back channel and then there was no turning back at least till few phone calls. Bea, yeah that was her name. Sudden Changes in Bea


cropped-crater_lake_oregon.jpgMost probably it was sector 2 and 9 crossing but what were those duplexes doing there. Do they make duplexes in my home town? No, I don’t think so. We were on bicycles and I was not riding Mach 1 (or any other racing bicycle which are my only choice when it comes to bicycles) rather I was on a mountain bike (ranger). They were I think 5-6 guys, looking a bit strange, and she was alone with them. I joined their group only because of her and had no objection from any of her friends. I don’t remember which bicycle she was on. We went straight for around half a kilometer and reached sector 9 & H-block T-junction. Construction was going on in the building on the H-block corner of the junction. She smiled to me and pointed her eyes to the balcony of that building and most probably said to her friends, “Guys, I wanna stay here, Ciao”. We parked our bikes, took the long stairs, reached the balcony. Bricks were red, as the one they used in India. One of her friends followed us up there and spread a lot of things on the floor and started I don’t know what kind of brainstorming with them. This guy surely was African or a native Indian with curly short hair. She moved her eyes as instructing me to move the other end of the balcony far from her friend. I just followed her. I most probably lied on the roof immediately with a side on and she was sitting. She was speaking so much and I was just listening. It was so calm, so peaceful like I never felt before with a girl. Usually when I am with a girl, I have many things running on my mind and I hardly pay complete attention to them but I was so silent, I do not know what magic was happening to me. Suddenly there were some African laborers arguing on the street under us. I looked at her like asking is it the time we should leave. She moved her said in a no. I sat to read her face better and for the first time noticed her completely. She was not white, blunt cut straight hair, I guess, totally slim, small boobs, rather plain body with may be a bit bigger pelvis, wearing a full sleeves bi-sex T-shirt and trousers. I don’t know what happened to me, but I started kissing her on lips, she pushed me back smiling like saying I am too fast, which I usually am and I started saying emotional things to her and I was thinking am I bluffing again or what are real feelings inside me. All of a sudden everything moved and she was sitting on a bed in a room with a mirror in front of bed and for sure it wasn’t India. Suddenly her sister came asking her has she no plans to attend her own marriage and I saw her from her sister’s eyes. She was wearing again a full sleeve white T and blue trousers with a blue jacket on. Her skeleton and pelvis are bigger and face has maturity and most probably she has grown taller than me indicating that I am seeing her after many years however her boobs were still the same, I guess. She threw a glimpse to her face and clothes and moved out to the hall from the back door. These clothes were sure not suitable for marriage. Out in the hall, a father (or priest) type figure was standing, some agarbatties spreading fragrance, one holy book on the table ( later I found out it to be Geeta), some people (none of them Indian). I was wearing a brown three piece (again brown is a color which I can never even think about wearing). The priest asked her that does she take me as her Hindu lawfully wedded husband and I was again smiling because I never told her that I have stopped being a Hindu long ago and she adopted Hinduism, thinking I was a Hindu. Well, this all was a dream, I had on the night of 18th-19th July 2013 but guess its gonna be the first story I will ever write only if I can develop it in a totally differenet way keeping the peace I had in those moments. I thought a lot on the place and who she was but I am just clueless except that she was most probably a native American.