Interesting Concepts in Film Making

Watching Fame (2009) (My Review for film fame) prompted me to publish a new list of movies that introduced me to a new concept or idea for movies. In future I plan to update this list with the titles that bring out the best in their respective concept.

Link: Interesting Concepts in Film Making.



Most Perfectly Executed (Definitely Little Plasticity) Movies and TV Series: Hard to Find a fault

The best titles that take you almost into another space of peace and perfection and make it unable to find a find a single technical fault for whole of the total running time. Definitely Little Plasticity.  Though there was no need of listing these titles but just a small tribute from my side to these wonderful people.

Scenes that moved the heart

  • Mrs. Kovic: [almost sobbing] Don’t say penis in this house!                   Ron Kovic: Penis! Penis! Big fucking erect penis, Mom!
  • You know Denny when I almost died today Tara told me that she loves me and she also had a near death experience and was thinking that no one will cry on her grave but I was thinking Denny about whom I loved (coz none did love me) and I thought of you Denny.