Celebs with no General knowledge

Not long ago a 25+ something guy on MTV roadies had no idea about the prime minister of the country and told Rajiv Gandhi to be PM of India who definitely was PM in his childhood

and yesterday it happened to Alia Bhatt who could not tell the full name of the party BJP, what is the Independence Day called in Hindi and who is the chairperson of the congress party.


Arrogance, Ignorance and Petulance – The Career of Justin Bieber

A Marked Improvement

The squirming pop weasel that is Justin Bieber now has a video of his deposition as part of the case surrounding his arrest for drag racing under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Normally when I write about something there’ll be one thing I take issue with and I’ll focus on this. In this instance, I am having real trouble deciding where to start.

Bieber’s popularity has skyrocketed since he was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun and subsequently signed to his and Usher’s joint label. Now, to have been picked up like this Bieber must have had some singing ability, that’s fine, but his attitude, antics and fans since them have mutated into something truly disgusting. His behaviours have included storming off stage, once because someone threw a bottle at him. I don’t condone the throwing of a bottle at anyone, but it seems Bieber views himself in a…

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