Celebs with no General knowledge

Not long ago a 25+ something guy on MTV roadies had no idea about the prime minister of the country and told Rajiv Gandhi to be PM of India who definitely was PM in his childhood

and yesterday it happened to Alia Bhatt who could not tell the full name of the party BJP, what is the Independence Day called in Hindi and who is the chairperson of the congress party.


Raanjhana and Paro

24 July 2013
what a mesmerizing ending Raanjhana had, Paro was ignorant in Devdas (1999), became selfish and bitchy in Dev D (2009) and finally a deceiver in Raanjhana (2013). Moral of the story if you have a Paro in your life, cut any cords with her and accept Chanda, how hard may it be for you to leave Paro, but life is always better than death and a heart that is yours is always better than a weartard (or very retard person) or  anyone who has ever loved someone from heart and dint get them, will learn not to love truly again after watching this movie..