Gavin Orsay reminds of Walter White


Recently, watching Gavin Orsay screwing Doug in the show House of Cards reminded me of Walter White from Breaking bad. None can harm you if you got a brain.


Doug Stamper killed by daughterly love


And finally when we’re wondering if Doug will turn his back on Frank or not, Doug gets scared for safety of Rachel and unsure of where to take her, gets himself killed by Rachel who could never understand his fatherly feelings neither did he ever try to explain.

Devs do exist even in political worlds?





Bob Brenson from Mad Men

19 July 2013

My commentary on the character Bob Brenson from Mad Men
Bob Brenson, since the day I first saw you, only thing I can think of are ways to fuck you to death and obviously butchering you or killing you are not options but rather fucking you diplomatically in your very own way. You are may be the most difficult man to strategize against. You have almost no morals. You are so polite, so helping and almost always smiling in a condescending manner. You faked the documents for your corporate entry. You are a bisexual and always keep on exciting men for sexual partnerships and still you know the art of getting even the most difficult women only to later destroying your partners completely. Your bisexuality makes me doubt whether you are even a real man. All men hate you but still no one knows how to get rid of you. Lets see if I can find out something before the writer does.

Raanjhana and Paro

24 July 2013
what a mesmerizing ending Raanjhana had, Paro was ignorant in Devdas (1999), became selfish and bitchy in Dev D (2009) and finally a deceiver in Raanjhana (2013). Moral of the story if you have a Paro in your life, cut any cords with her and accept Chanda, how hard may it be for you to leave Paro, but life is always better than death and a heart that is yours is always better than a weartard (or very retard person) or  anyone who has ever loved someone from heart and dint get them, will learn not to love truly again after watching this movie..

Cruelest Heart Piercing Moments

  • The scene where Frank first finds Peter Russo’s heart and then calmly wipes all fingerprints finally leaving the ignited car in the garage and his reference to Kate Mara that he didn’t hurt her expressing his feelings for her which she could not understand because of her fears and competitiveness for him.
  • The Sundayfest Scene where they play all the killing games.

Scenes that moved the heart

  • Mrs. Kovic: [almost sobbing] Don’t say penis in this house!                   Ron Kovic: Penis! Penis! Big fucking erect penis, Mom!
  • You know Denny when I almost died today Tara told me that she loves me and she also had a near death experience and was thinking that no one will cry on her grave but I was thinking Denny about whom I loved (coz none did love me) and I thought of you Denny.