Flashy Film Review: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Hey you wonderful guys and girls out there, I guess, you are doing okay and so today I am back with a movie that I guess I can never forget in my lifetime, a movie that is a masterpiece when it comes to relationships, a movie that introduced me to the world of movies, a movie that made me realized that even movies can be too close to life. I guess if you’re familiar with bollywood or Indian movies, you have definitely not skipped this movie.

Its story of 6 or 7 individuals who grow up in different circumstances and have totally different approaches towards life and whatever the way you call it are in wrong relationships and the movie depicts how circumstances make them meet and understand each other and prompts them to break the marriages they have lived for whole life.

Coming to technical points, acting is just better than average, don’t expect even the greatest bollywood standards but still the story and events and the depth of relationships make it a kinda must watch movie. Songs are decent and again real life kind of and briefly it touches the issues of parenting as well.

Verdict: 4.5 Stars and Flashy Movie Batch. ( 1 star extra for personal connections to this movie).

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Flashy Film

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Gavin Orsay reminds of Walter White


Recently, watching Gavin Orsay screwing Doug in the show House of Cards reminded me of Walter White from Breaking bad. None can harm you if you got a brain.

Doug Stamper killed by daughterly love


And finally when we’re wondering if Doug will turn his back on Frank or not, Doug gets scared for safety of Rachel and unsure of where to take her, gets himself killed by Rachel who could never understand his fatherly feelings neither did he ever try to explain.

Devs do exist even in political worlds?





Movie Review: My Mother the Mermaid (2004)

Hey you amazing guys there, Finally today I was able to complete this beautiful movie My Mother the Mermaid (2004) “Ineo gongju” (original title). I had an on and off relationship with this movie for more than 6 months, I guess. The plot of the movie kept my interest fueled for such a long time while I could never dedicate myself to watch it all in one go. So lets review it.

Though the movie starts with a beautiful Korean girl Na-young who works at a post-master just like her dad and lives with her dad and a very harsh and sometimes unbearable mother who does not consider her husband worth a penny. Na-young sympathises with her dad and feel bad for the way her mother treats him and often comes to his rescue as well. She even leaves her very caring orphan boyfriend quoting she has never seen a happy moment between her parents and so she believes she can never marry and be a good wife or mother.

One day when Na-young’s mother curses make her father leave home, she visits the home village of her mother and witnesses that her mother was a very innocent girl at her teenage when she met her father who was working as a postman in that village some 30 years ago. Finally in the end of the movie, its shown that despite of some abusive and non caring attitude, her mother still loved her father very much.

Thats all, Na young finally marries too and has a beautiful daugher. Through the entire way, we see many beautiful scenes of some Korean island, some nice dialogues, beautiful faces, nice acting but not what the director promised us to in the starting of the movie. No mention at all anywhere what lead her mother to be so brutal and why her father could not progress at all.

Finally if you just want to pass some nice time with some beautiful sceneries, acting and direction, go for this movie OR you can just relax and search for a more meaningful movie.

Verdict: Two and a half stars. Not a flashy film.

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Flashy Film: Born on the fourth of July reminds something important for everyone

Flashy Film

Usually when time or schedule does not allow, I write some important part from a film of immense importance and categorizes it as Flashy Film. Al the flashy titles are available under the  Category Archives: Flashy Film.  


I wanted to change the world…Piercing through the gales, unafraid of anything…Now I hold my courage and pieces of my smile~


It had been more than a year since I first saw Born on the fourth of July but the message this movie brings out is unforgettable. Isn’t it more or less the plight of freedom fighters in all the countries.




Celebs with no General knowledge

Not long ago a 25+ something guy on MTV roadies had no idea about the prime minister of the country and told Rajiv Gandhi to be PM of India who definitely was PM in his childhood

and yesterday it happened to Alia Bhatt who could not tell the full name of the party BJP, what is the Independence Day called in Hindi and who is the chairperson of the congress party.

Review: Fame – Flashy Film

Fame (2009)

Verdict : Flashy Movie, 3 Stars 

today after so many days, today I watched a movie (Fame (2009)) and I must say though this movie does not meet the original version of 1980 nor does bring any new contents or slapstick performances but kind of makes you glued to your seat until the students reach their junior year. Fame kind of reminds one of their undergraduate years and the fact that even a movie can be made about some interesting school years. Though this film never goes into any details and rather places a collage of the various things that we have already seen at various places and the only people this movie will perfectly fit to are the ones who have almost no knowledge of dance, acting or movies.

Interesting Concepts in Film Making

Watching Fame (2009) (My Review for film fame) prompted me to publish a new list of movies that introduced me to a new concept or idea for movies. In future I plan to update this list with the titles that bring out the best in their respective concept.

Link: Interesting Concepts in Film Making.