FAQs and Disclaimer

Q: What do you blog about?

I started this blog as an attempt for establishing blogs as a social media tool.  I have used various social media platforms for long and could not achieve satisfaction anywhere as most of them don’t allow categorization of posts and update for the previous posts. So now I share almost all the similar stuff here on this blog and then repost from here to various social media platforms.

I write about the moments that make me think and remember them later to keep memories at least for myself so here I am finally writing some small articles.

Q: Where one can find your professional works?

All my professional pieces of work whether technical, literature or scripts are available on http://professionalrastogisaurabh29.wordpress.com/ which is my professional blog . Alternatively they are also available on request. Please email to rastogisaurab29-at-gmail.com with a brief info about yourself. .

Q:   Why’re all the stories incomplete on this blog and how can we find their full versions?  

For professional purposes and due to the time constraints, I can not place the full and sequential versions of my works on here or on a public platform.

The full versions are available on request at rastogisaurab29-at-gmail.com. Drop us an email if the  introductory  paragraphs of a story prompts you to buy it or read it in full.


If we have  posted something here that you think you have a copyright on and do not wish to share it to the public, PLEASE e-mail us or you can also write to us if you wish to be properly credited for something that we posted but failed to recognize the artist or writer. Sometimes it is really hard to track who owns the art when it is floating online so please give us the benefit of the doubt. Thank you!


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