21 Signs You Really Are Becoming An Adult

Hannah Gale


1. Red wine. You paired it with steak ONCE and then it happened. A horrendous lifetime love affair. FFS.

2. Lemon. Not as in I’ll have a lemon and sugar pancake, as in, I’ll choose the zingy lemon dessert over the dirty, melty, scrumptious chocolate fudge cake. Oh.

3. Pains. Pains with no causes. Oh my lower back, oh my overpowering stress headache, oh my shoulders, oh woe is me I’m old.

4. You own enough items for ‘clutter’. ACTUAL CLUTTER LIKE YOUR WEIRD AUNTIE HAS. Old ornaments and photo frames and books and papers and stuff. That’s it, stuff.

5. You understand how it’s possible to have 17 cups of tea, even in summer. It’s just so damn British and soothing in any situation.

6. Comfy pants are the absolute bees knees.

7. Board games and a good book totally trump 3am raves EVERY TIME.

8. You have a keen…

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