Reasons to Smile

Reasons to Smile.

We’re halfway through the week, guys. Hold on!

Reasons to Smile Today
1. You’ve only tripped __ times. (Wait, you haven’t fallen at all yet?? WOW! Lucky you.)
2. You might make a new friend! (If you smile!)
3. As I once wrote on the back windshield of my sister’s car, you’re a “beautiful child of God.” (It stayed there for months by the way! It might still be there now that I think of it…word for word I wrote, “Hey there, you beautiful child of God! Jesus loves you!”)
4. You could write mildly irritating, sweet things on someone’s car (in the dirt or a wet window).
5. You might make someone feel better with your positive attitude.
6. It’s one of the only contagious things that people won’t yell at you for giving them (ie it’s not lice or the flu or the black plague).
7. It’s a brand new day! New chances, new fun, new mistakes!
8. Happiness looks good on you.
9. Your hair didn’t catch fire yesterday (or you survived through it…).
10. Your possibilities are endless.
11. If you’re reading this, you’re alive.
12. Today is the present. (You might not get a gift, but it sounds like it. Doesn’t that make you happy??)
13. There are words like collywobbles, pumpernickel and spiffy in the world.
14. You’re loved.
15. You could try something new-maybe something that scares you-and fall in love with it.
16. You could listen to music that inspires you.
17. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”


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