My Life List

Don’t we all need to get one for us.

My Life List.

My Life List

A life list is like a bucket list, where I write down things I want to do in my lifetime. It’s in no particular order, and I add/delete/edit things as I change my mind. I also cross some stuff off. :) What’s on your list?

My Life List

1. Make a wedding cake.
2. Make a gorgeous dress.
3. Take a photography class.
4. Go to a foreign country outside of North America.
5. Decorate and paint my own home.
6. Train other people’s dogs.
7. Work at a daycare/volunteer or work at an orphanage.
8. Earn my Gold Award
9. Write a full book.
10. Work as a waitress.
11. Go on another Work Camp.
12. Go to an amazing college and love it.
13. Visit Germany.
14. Teach Irish dance.
15. Rejoin Irish dance.
16. Compete in a high-level competition (preferably for Irish Dance).
17. Visit every continent in the world.
18. Do mission work in a foreign country.
19. Become a full-out vegetarian.
20. Have a blog.
21. Become a diplomat.
22. Take voice lessons.
23. Learn to play guitar.
24. Adopt/foster care
25. Meet a Christian artist-Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Kutless, or Josh Wilson.
26. Be a speaker for an event.
27. Write a cookbook.
28. Go scuba diving.
29. Publish a book.
30. Fall in love and get married.
31. Live near Washington DC.
32. See a Broadway play.
33. Learn to surf.
34. Start/run a nonprofit organization.
35. Intern at the state house.
36. Drive a Prius.
37. Be quoted. (Not just on someone’s Facebook page!)
38. Irish dance in Ireland.
39. Translate for someone in ASL.
40. Go inside the White House.
41. See the Seven Wonders of the World, and pick my own Seven Wonders.
42. Add a lock to the Ponte des Arts in Paris with my husband/boyfriend/fiancé.
43. Have a conversation with a deaf person in ASL.
44. Get a sign name.
45. Own a café.
46. Visit a castle.
47. Spend a day in a city somewhere with no plans, just going wherever I like.


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