Wrapped in Rubber

Otzi The IcemanDon’t want to mention any dates though I hardly forget one, have just taken off all her clothes and yes you guessed it right, mine too and started wrapping rubber onto my thing which she didn’t approve of and in this discussion got discharged outside her spot. Well, time passed and with some more attempts discharges were at proper time and place and everything just fell in place including my life and needless to say we stopped using rubber too.

Well, its not a soft porn as you might be thinking but how she helped in opening my life and unwrapping the rubbers in which my life was trapped for years.

I guess you need names now but I am never good with names as I am not even sure what my name is but I liked one so let you call me Aseem and I am a Pakistani Hindu and she, of course don’t know her name as well, will think and let you know as the story progresses.

She was from Southeast Asia , met me in my masters and her name was Angie. That was the first time I heard this name, well you don’t want to know but the second and only Angie I know is a popular Singaporean DJ/ Model of Vietnamese descent and for sure you got it right is quite popular among guys and now whether you’re a guy or not but I hope you know well why second Angie is so popular.

Well well well, My Angie was no model but she was so much different than traditional girls, was capable of having hours long discussions on any topic and so you’re sure that she won’t bore you. The problem I had with many of the girls in my life was their inability to contain me. I used to be quite attracted to them in the starting but that’s the thing about interest that it runs towards zero even faster than a negative exponential function and with Angie or Angela, as I used to call her Angela often too, maybe because she was like an Angel to my life, I could never get bored of.

Each and every moment with her was so precious so why not to take you to the first moment with her. I was finding a discussion forum interesting those days partially due to boredom and mainly due to the fact that I used to miss my Pakistani food and we used to discuss in this forum while eating. The forum had a kind of rule that you can discuss only if you have food in your plate.

Okay, it was afternoon and it was some kind of rice based mixed crap in my plate, when I was attacked by a female voice, “Hey you”,  I ignored and tried to show that I can give some concentration to even a female voice while eating,  I mean if you have to choose between an unkown female and food, isn’t the choice too easy, I mean who will give a damn to the unknown female and a basic polite smile and saying hi is more than enough, isn’t.

“What do you think about  Che?” She uttered. Literally can’t you see, I am eating, Che is dead and it doesn’t matter what I think of him even though in reality I admire him a lot but that’s not the kind of discussion I would like to have with a girl. I mean, literally, first I need to take a  X-ray of her. Anyways X-ray was not available so I replied that I consider Che to be a real solid person and maybe even one of the best people ever in politics and that hit her off. She introduced herself and I thought okay maybe time to score a new girl.


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