12 Signs He Has Definitely Fallen In Love With You

1 – Pay attention, if his eyes are beaming and twinkling as soon as you walk in and if he is stealing glances more often than not, he is definitely in love with you. They say “when a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes.”

2 – He has introduced you to his inner circle of friends and his close friends are treating you differently than rest of the girls. Not every girl makes it to his private space. Be happy girl, he is in love with you.

3 – He is helping you do the daily household chores, is a sign he has fallen for you. If he is cooking for you, then he is hopelessly in love with you unless you are sick and a friend is helping you out.

4 – Is he looking at you and smiling softly? You are making him feel good and smile, you definitely own his heart.

5 – He is not only replying to your texts promptly but encouraging the conversation. Men like texting/talking on the phone only when they are in love.

6 – Everyone meeting him is asking why is happier than ever these days and every time he turns to you and blushes.Simply shows you are the reason of his happiness and he has lost his heart to you.

7 – He is making an effort to be friends with your friends and your family. Unless a guy is really serious about a girl, he will never take this step.

8 – He is giving priority to your choices and compromising on his (like accompanying you for shopping sprees while a cricket match is on). He is asking for your permissions/opinions on thing such as what to buy for his Boss or mom or sister.

9 – He is sharing his embarrassing or traumatic childhood stories with you. He is letting you tread on his secret zone because he trusts you and has definitely fallen for you.

10 – Be it on phone or person, he is taking at least 10 minutes to say good bye to you. A sign of love baby.

11 – He is paying attention to whatever crap you are talking. A most definite sign of him falling for you, head over heels.

12 – Finally, your male friends are inducing jealousy in him, which gets evident in his voice, eyes and behaviour. Girl, his heart is yours.



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