cropped-crater_lake_oregon.jpgMost probably it was sector 2 and 9 crossing but what were those duplexes doing there. Do they make duplexes in my home town? No, I don’t think so. We were on bicycles and I was not riding Mach 1 (or any other racing bicycle which are my only choice when it comes to bicycles) rather I was on a mountain bike (ranger). They were I think 5-6 guys, looking a bit strange, and she was alone with them. I joined their group only because of her and had no objection from any of her friends. I don’t remember which bicycle she was on. We went straight for around half a kilometer and reached sector 9 & H-block T-junction. Construction was going on in the building on the H-block corner of the junction. She smiled to me and pointed her eyes to the balcony of that building and most probably said to her friends, “Guys, I wanna stay here, Ciao”. We parked our bikes, took the long stairs, reached the balcony. Bricks were red, as the one they used in India. One of her friends followed us up there and spread a lot of things on the floor and started I don’t know what kind of brainstorming with them. This guy surely was African or a native Indian with curly short hair. She moved her eyes as instructing me to move the other end of the balcony far from her friend. I just followed her. I most probably lied on the roof immediately with a side on and she was sitting. She was speaking so much and I was just listening. It was so calm, so peaceful like I never felt before with a girl. Usually when I am with a girl, I have many things running on my mind and I hardly pay complete attention to them but I was so silent, I do not know what magic was happening to me. Suddenly there were some African laborers arguing on the street under us. I looked at her like asking is it the time we should leave. She moved her said in a no. I sat to read her face better and for the first time noticed her completely. She was not white, blunt cut straight hair, I guess, totally slim, small boobs, rather plain body with may be a bit bigger pelvis, wearing a full sleeves bi-sex T-shirt and trousers. I don’t know what happened to me, but I started kissing her on lips, she pushed me back smiling like saying I am too fast, which I usually am and I started saying emotional things to her and I was thinking am I bluffing again or what are real feelings inside me. All of a sudden everything moved and she was sitting on a bed in a room with a mirror in front of bed and for sure it wasn’t India. Suddenly her sister came asking her has she no plans to attend her own marriage and I saw her from her sister’s eyes. She was wearing again a full sleeve white T and blue trousers with a blue jacket on. Her skeleton and pelvis are bigger and face has maturity and most probably she has grown taller than me indicating that I am seeing her after many years however her boobs were still the same, I guess. She threw a glimpse to her face and clothes and moved out to the hall from the back door. These clothes were sure not suitable for marriage. Out in the hall, a father (or priest) type figure was standing, some agarbatties spreading fragrance, one holy book on the table ( later I found out it to be Geeta), some people (none of them Indian). I was wearing a brown three piece (again brown is a color which I can never even think about wearing). The priest asked her that does she take me as her Hindu lawfully wedded husband and I was again smiling because I never told her that I have stopped being a Hindu long ago and she adopted Hinduism, thinking I was a Hindu. Well, this all was a dream, I had on the night of 18th-19th July 2013 but guess its gonna be the first story I will ever write only if I can develop it in a totally differenet way keeping the peace I had in those moments. I thought a lot on the place and who she was but I am just clueless except that she was most probably a native American.


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